CEBIMar/USP - Workshop: Taxonomy and Diversity of Marine Meiofauna – Brazil

Workshop: Taxonomy and Diversity of Marine Meiofauna – Brazil


 Marine Biodiversity – Special Issue: Diversity of marine meiofauna on the coast of Brazil

 The term meiofauna refers to the benthic organisms retained at a 0.063mm mesh and passing through a 0.5mm mesh. This benthic component comprises at least 25 phyla of the animal kingdom and may reach densities above 106 individuals per square meter. Although extremely diverse and abundant, this group of microscopic organisms has been poorly explored, specially in terms of morphological adaptations and species distribution ranges. One main reason is the lack of expert taxonomists on the different meiofaunal groups. The objective of this workshop is to train young and senior researchers on the different methodologies currently used to study meiofaunal organisms. During the workshop the participants will take part of sampling campaigns in different marine habitats, follow the methodological practices and learn how to identify the different taxa. The final objective is to unravel the diversity of meiofaunal taxa present in the surroundings of the CEBIMar.


 Workshop Maeiofauna

Event Properties

Event date: 10-25-2012 8:00 am
Event End Date: 11-08-2012 5:00 pm
Location Center of Marine Biology of the University of São Paulo (CEBIMar – USP)

 Workshop speakers

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