CEBIMar/USP - Teaching and outreach

Teaching and outreach

CEBIMar regularly offers elective undergraduate and graduate courses. Undergraduate courses attend USP students of the main campus in São Paulo, at the Oceanographic Institute (IO) and Institute of Biosciences (IB), and also students at the Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Literature in Ribeirão Preto (FFCLRP). These are all intensive, full-time courses of 1 to 2 weeks, with strong hands-on components, both in the field and the laboratory, and intensive seminar schedules. Also, CEBIMar faculty members collaborate in obligatory undergraduate courses for IB students, usually in field and lab practices focusing the biology of organisms from surrounding sandy and rocky coastlines and mangrove forests. 

Post-graduate courses address more advanced topics and are related to the research interests of our staff (see also 'Research'). These are elective courses at different graduate programs, namely Zoology (IB), Comparative Biology (FFCLRP) and Biological Oceanography (IO). Unlike graduate courses, these are open to graduate students from other USP units or even other Brazilian or foreign institutions. 

Outreach, extra-curricular courses for graduate students on broad topics in Marine Biology are frequently offered. Our program of guided visits for non-academics is currently being modified as to attend the needs of participants from very different backgrounds.





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