CEBIMar/USP - Postdoctoral program

Postdoctoral program

It is a great interest of CEBIMar to support postdoctoral projects. Among other benefits, post-docs may take advantage of:

  • Adequate facilities for working in a broad range of research areas in Marine Biology, including air-conditioned laboratories with running seawater, Wi-Fi internet access plus additional USPnet resources, infrastructure for SCUBA diving, a specialized library, etc.
  • Easy access to a range of marine environments. Rocky coastlines and sandy beaches are within a few-minutes walking distance and a variety of other habitats are within a few miles from the Centre, and may be easily reached either by land or using power boats.
  • Advising undergraduate students under the scope of the Scientific Initiation program of the USP, now an internationally acclaimed initiative.
  • The right to use medical, social and academic services offered by the University.

 The Postdoctoral program is primarily an option for researchers with a doctorate title, and supported by science funding agencies. Most part of Brazilian candidates are recipients of fellowships conceded by FAPESP, including those joining the Program for Young Researchers in Emerging Centers, and by the Brazilian national funding agency CNPq. In special cases, the program accepts candidates without a supporting grant. In those cases, however, the candidate must submit documentation proving his / her means of affording expenses during the stay in the Centre. It is emphasised that participation in the Postdoctoral program does not establish any labour relationship between the University of São Paulo and the post-doc fellow.

Click here (in portuguese) for further information about the norms of the CEBIMar (in portuguese).

Further information on the USP Postdoctoral Program can be found at:





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