CEBIMar/USP - The São Sebastião MPA

The São Sebastião MPA

CEBIMar encloses a preserved coastline stretch and an adjacent rain forest parcel, which, together, were considered an 'Area of Relevant Ecological Interest' (ARIE, acronym in Portuguese for Área de Relevante Interesse Ecológico).

In 1987, an 'Area under Special Protection' (ASPE, acronym for Área sob Proteção Especial) was created by the State of São Paulo Environment Department, with the purpose to protect the ecosystems enclosed in the CEBIMar and foster scientific activity within the area. The ASPE extends from Ponta de Baraqueçaba to the northern shore of Praia Grande (Ponta Recife). On land, it spans supralittoral sandy beaches and rocky outcrops to 60 m - high luxurious rainforest vegetation. Marine protection is ensured from the nearshore to an offshore distance of 200 m, at a depth of 5-10m.

To further warrant preservation of coastal habitats within the CEBIMar ASPE, an IBAMA law, approved in 1989, banned any form of fishing and collection of marine organisms. Furthermore, a resolution of the State Department of Culture determines that the location referred to as Ponta do Baleeiro is part of the Serra do Mar protected area.

In 2008, decree 53525, of October 8, 2008, creates a more extended MPA covering the northern coast of São Sebastião County, and unifies local ASPEs into a single 'Area of Relevant Ecologic Interest' (ARIE), which includes the coastline within CEBIMar/USP, Costão do Navio and Boiçucanga.





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