CEBIMar/USP - Lab and field equipment

Lab and field equipment

  • Gerador de energia elétricaElectrical Energy Generator
    MWM/6 10TCA generator, with an automatic control panel, capacity of 500 A, installed in a masonry compartment, supplies the whole electrical network at CEBIMar in case there is an energy system breakdown. This equipment is a solution to problems caused by the frequent interruptions to the energy supply.
  • Sistema de captação de água do marSystem of Seawater Uptake and Distribution
    Constructed at Ponta do Jarobá, with a decantation compartment formed with reinforced-concrete rings with a 2.0m diameter, lateral perforations, anchored to the cliff and fixed by concrete beams, making the structure capable of bearing the sea force. From the seawater takeup and decantation compartment, the pipes extend to the pump house, which is covered with concrete and supported by reinforced-concrete beams.
  • Reservatório de água do marSeawater Reservoir
    With a capacity of 30,000 liters of seawater, the reservoir supplies the laboratories with the growing need for running seawater.
  • Filtro de água potávelCentral Potable Water Filter
    This equipment improved the quality of the water supplied to CEBIMar, which often contains an excessive amount of particles (sand, silt, organic material) and chlorine. All of CEBIMar facilities (cafeteria, restaurant, dorms and laboratories) are currently supplied with filtered water.




  • Bóia oceanográficaEstação meteorológicaAutomatic Oceanographic/Meteorological Station
    Recording environmental parameters (atmospheric and marine) is essential for nearly all research projects developed at CEBIMar. The oceanographic buoy and the meteorological station, both located at the entrance of Segredo Bay, are equipped with sensors that measure seawater temperature and conductivity (salinity), turbidity, photosynthetically active radiation, as well as current speed and direction, which are displayed at the surface and at a depth of 3 m. 
    The data (seawater temperature and salinity, air temperature and relative humidity, and barometric pressure) are collected and recorded on electronic spreadsheets, comprising important historical series (since 1979).





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