CEBIMar/USP - Facilities


CEBIMar facilities comprise an area of 2,400m², included in a natural rainforest setting under Special Protection (CEBIMar’s ASPE) extending over 45,000m².

With two major laboratory buildings, lodging capacity for 52 people, restaurant service for up to 80 people, and small classrooms and a mid-size auditorium, CEBIMar meets all the necessary requirements to house researchers during both short and long stays, and host a variety of courses and events.

·     Laboratory Paulo Sawaya
Built in 1954 and improved in 1961, today the building comprises 433 m², divided into 16 separate rooms, exhibit tanks and experimental aquaria provided with running seawater. The laboratory was totally refurbished using financial support by the São Paulo State funding agency, Fapesp, in 2000.

·     Laboratory Erasmo Garcia Mendes
Built in 1994 with support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the laboratory counts with 13 rooms provided with workbenches and equipped with running seawater, compressed air and LPG outlets, in a total built area of 235 m².

·     Harry M. Miller Jr. Library
Built with support from the Rockefeller Foundation and opened in 1975, the Library has a collection of books, theses, and journals, in addition to maps, nautical charts and a rich archive of offprint. Besides serving USP users and other academics, the library is also open to the whole community for reference.

·     Auditorium
Open in 1973, the auditorium is equipped with multimedia projectors and has a capacity for 80 people.

·     Housing
With approximately 167 m², housing facilities have a capacity for 55 people, distributed in 12 rooms and 4 apartments.

·     Restaurant
The restaurant serves meals for employees, researchers, faculty and students, and has a capacity for 80 people.






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